Yesterday, I reported on Omaha’s attempted recall of Mayor Jim Suttle. I mentioned that a threshold of differences of political opinions or voter anger could be a worrisome precedent to set for recalling public officials.

Today, we see that here in California.

But this time the public discussion doesn’t simply involve the cost of the election. People are discussing if there has been fraud or malfeasance by the officials facing ouster. 

If not, people seem to think that a recall election can inflict on a community are too great, the cause too little, and the need not present.

From the Lincoln Messenger:

A possible recall of three City Council members is stirring up memories of a recall six years ago.

Some residents say a recall could divide Lincoln in two and other residents contacted by The News Messenger say a recall is needed.

At Tuesday’s City Council meeting, resident Bob Birdseye presented a petition, signed by 110 residents, asking to recall Mayor Paul Joiner and Councilman Spencer Short and Tom Cosgrove if council doesn’t remove Lincoln’s city manager and assistant city manager.

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