steinbergCalling for both parties to “get real together,” Senator Steinberg outlined very little good news in his comments about Governor Brown’s budget announcement.

In stating that Republicans would be reluctant to extend the temporary tax increases for another five years and that Democrats would mount “huge resistance” to the depth of the cuts, he all but confirmed California is in for another long budget season.

From the Sacramento Bee:

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, said today that Gov. Jerry Brown’s recommended $12 billon-plus in budget cuts – including huge slashes in social services – are different from Brown’s Republican predecessor’s because they are more “across the board” and include restructuring state government.

“I hate these cuts,” Steinberg said at a Capitol press conference. But, he said, “I think this is a realistic budget.

As Steinberg spoke, interests defending childcare and social welfare programs began circulating to react to cuts in Brown’s proposal, which also would ask voters to extend tax increases expiring this year.

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