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A resolution has been placed in front of the Council and City Manager of El Cerrito to consider executing a contract with the design build entity, Pankow, Special Projects and Noll & Tam Architects not to exceed $2,800,000.

The company is asked to design and construct the El Cerrito Recycling Center/Environmental Services Division offices in El Cerrito.

The current recycling facilities have been in place since the 1970s and consist of old buildings. City Building Officials have deemed the facility potentially unsafe as well as out of date.  Because of this, under the direction of the city council, the Environmental Services Division and the Public Works Department efforts have been made to finance, design and reconstruct the Center.

Initial attempts to design the recycle center in 2008 were put on hold because the site would have cost more than feasibly possible at the time.

Further research, building modifications and a procurement process led to a better second result.

Extensive research and planning led El Cerrito officials to follow a procurement process to determine the “best-value competition”. 

After communicating with residents, onsite observations, community input meetings, and general systems input, the goal of the center should be fulfilled and a better product could be attained.

Melanie Mintz of Environmental Services Manager, Jerry Bradshaw, Public Works Director and Garth Schultz, Environmental Analyst wrote the 90 page report presented at City Council.

The full report can be read here

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