Some people would claim that cities and counties don’t provide enough services to residents. 

Tell that to Supervisor Ray Nutting.  

Supervisor Nutting, on his way home, stopped by a terror stricken family and rescued their cat from atop a 75 foot cedar tree.

Using the lumberjack equipment he carries with him in the event there’s arboreal emergency or an unfortunate cat lost on the branches, he scaled the tree with a pillow case, captured the kitty, and returned the pet to its owners.

And you can’t accuse him of heroics to garner votes… he represents District III, and the scene of the heroics fell outside of his jurisdiction. 

From the Sacramento Bee:

El Dorado County Supervisor Ray Nutting has gone above (literally) and beyond for a county resident, climbing 75 feet up a 145-year-old cedar to rescue a kitten.

Nutting, who had been out working at a vineyard, took the call Monday as he was driving back into Placerville, where the cat had been stuck for four days.

“I said to myself, I’ll go and see what’s going on,” he said. “They were hoping I’d put influence on someone else.”

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