At 3:00 A.M., people were still waiting to speak to the city council. At 3:06 AM, the last one came to the microphone. What kept people at a city council meeting so long? A proposed mosque.

Misconceptions abound about Islam and the practice of the faith. As people spoke for or against the house of prayer, many came to light. But it was the last speaker who took the microphone who truly demonstrated the depths of people’s inconsideration.

She was indifferent to Muslims, didn’t find them controversial or interesting at all. She seemed nervous, spoke aimlessly and rapidly, like someone suffering from stage fright.

She was acting.

The woman, whose name I choose not to publish to keep her from garnering more of the free press I’m sure motivated her rambling, pointless, late-night speech.

My problem isn’t only that she wasted the time of the city council and made a meeting longer than it had to be. My biggest issue is that she mocked a system that’s designed to solicit and address residents concerns, and incorporate solutions when necessary.

Our system isn’t perfect, nor are the people who sometimes participate, but it is our system.

Instead of trying to hone her acting ‘skills’ while mocking the city’s official business, perhaps she should just stand in front of a video camera or mirror at home and practice mouth morphemes for accents.

Because I tell you what, her performance at that meeting would keep me from hiring her for a role in a Laundromat commercial.