California isn’t the only state in the union facing budget shortfalls.

In Texas, where the deficit for the coming year is $27 billion, the proposed budget solutions from the Legislature call for no new taxes. Instead, substantial cuts and a realignment of services from the state to the counties are being proposed.

It sounds familiar, I know. The only difference is that the realignment would come without funding options, even for the five years being proposed here in California.

From the Associated Press:

Conservative lawmakers who dominate Texas politics make their political careers on promising to cut state spending and block new taxes. But when the budget slashing is done, city and county officials must pick up the pieces — and possibly raise taxes.

State legislatures across the country are facing budget problems brought on by the economic recession. California, Illinois and Georgia face shortfalls just as bad as Texas, but they plan to raise taxes to avoid dramatic cuts. The Texas governor, lieutenant governor and House speaker — all Republicans — have promised to make the state live within its means without new taxes.

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