Later today, Governor Brown will roll out his proposed state budget.  Expectations will be highest right before the document comes out.  When it come out, the Governor will immediately start having different groups attempt to exempt themselves or their favorite program from the cuts.

This Governor is no rookie.  He is probably the most experienced Governor in the country and certainly will not be given the same pass that was given to his predecessor.   This budget needs to be real.

The Governor met with the leadership of CSAC the day after being sworn into office.  The article in the Contra Costa Times by Steve Harmon was titled “Brown sets sights on shifting power to locals“.

It was a great move by the Governor but the details of the shift are important.  A shift without the resources to do the job or a shift that comes with stings attached is not going to get anything done.

The Redding Searchlight editorial from Friday asks “If services stay local, will taxes go down easier?”

CSAC President and Riverside County Supervisor John Tavaglione was clear that he wanted the state to pay for mandated local programs.  Read more.

These are important questions.

We have lots of questions that will be answered later today.  Clearly the current system is not working.  Use your honeymoon period well Governor Brown.  You are going to be held to a high standard.