Everyone responds to criticism differently, and everyone has their own way to accept praise. 

When writing about politics, government, religion, or especially sports; often the writer can become as much of a target as the subject. 

When it comes to the case of Robert Rizzo, people seem to have a high threshold for decency. But that didn’t keep Steve Lopez of the Los Angeles Times from being targeted with praise or vitriol after his article outing Rizzo for his community service.

How did he respond? In classic columnist form: a high-brow retort.

From the Los Angeles Times:

In nearly four decades as a journalist, I’ve tossed a fair number of public figures onto the grill. But I don’t recall a reaction as polarized as the response to my Jan. 13 skewering of formerBell city administrator Robert Rizzo.

Lots of people loved it.

“One of your best!!!” wrote reader Margaret Schwartz.

And lots of people hated it.

“Maybe you should start your own vigilante business. What a jerk. You need help as much as Rizzo does,” wrote John Earl.

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