The northern county of Butte is often viewed as one of the areas most-primed for large-scale production of marijuana. But that county is taking steps to establish an ordinance to oversee the size and location of pot-producing gardens.

The proposed ordinance establishes a tier-system to regulate the number of plants that an area could have, along with the costs of registration and operation. For instance, the ordinance would establish a zip-tie fee, where each plant would be required to be zip-tied to a stake. The ties would be purchased from the county and be imprinted with an individual serial numbers.

The issue will be heard today in Oroville.

From the Chico Enterprise-Record:

On Tuesday, Butte County supervisors will get their first look at a proposed marijuana cultivation ordinance that would apply to the unincorporated areas of the county.

The proposed ordinance makes it clear that while it says it is in compliance with the Prop. 215, which authorized the use and growth of medical marijuana, and the associated implementing legislation, there was not going to be any wide open operations in Butte County in the future.

“The unregulated cultivation of marijuana in the unincorporated area of Butte County can adversely affect the health, safety and well-being of the county, its residents and environment,” the document cites.

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