Hercules’ battles within its own governance structure has lead to a movement for recall and now a push to revise its conflict of interest codes.

The city has come under fire in the last year for the several of its officials to fail to submit their FPPC Form 700s on time, or at all. As a result, the city council will examine what changes can be made to the city regulations regarding conflicts of interest. This is part of a series of measures that they have undertaken in recent months to help restore public trust and confidence.

That confidence was shaken after people began questioning the hiring’s, firings, and resignations of several of the city’s top officials.

From the Contra Costa Times:

The Hercules City Council on Tuesday plans to discuss the city’s Conflict of Interest Code, in part to reaffirm money disclosure requirements for some top officials and consultants and tighten them for others.

Hercules’ Conflict of Interest Code is based on the state Fair Political Practices Commission’s standard-model code requiring elected officials, candidates, high-ranking administrators, and some appointed officials, consultants and contractors to fill out an annual Form 700 — the Statement of Economic Interests.

The city’s hiring of expensive consultants, in particular, has been a source of concern among residents monitoring Hercules’ budget problems.

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