At PublicCEO, we’re finishing up our analysis and review of 2010. What a year it was–

  • We saw a city rise from anonymity to infamy.
  • We learned the name Robert Rizzo, and the state learned to hate him.
  • The LA Times learned how to pass endless hours of writing lambasting him. 

    (And I admit, it was fun to read.)
California voters were inundated by more than $200 million in spending by Gubernatorial candidates. What did we get for all that spending? A time machine that took us all back to 1975.

The voters also approved Prop 26, protecting local funds from state raids, while giving their approval to lower thresholds for passing state budgets, but higher requirements for increasing taxes. Figure that out.

PublicCEO has also saw change and growth in 2010.

In 2010, PublicCEO’s founding editor, James Spencer, moved on. In case you’re wondering what he’s doing, well, here he is:

james at work

But with his help, along with the Robert Rizzo Saga, and the burst of interest in the new guy on the block (that’s me), we helped make 2010 a record breaking year for PublicCEO.

We saw an increase of traffic. Actually, it was an explosion. We had a 135% increase in traffic over the year before. We had a 103% increase in total unique visitors.
Once visitors found their way to PublicCEO, they continued coming back for more.

Our reader loyalty is what I am most proud of. It has increased by more than 540%. In 2010, more than 90,000 people averaged one visit to PublicCEO per week.

The second fact I am equally proud of is that our readers now represent the state. What I mean is that PublicCEO readers follow California’s population centers:


California Population Density Map

2010 was a great year. This year, it is my goal to continue to build upon the successes of last year, and better them all. With your help, I think we can do it.

Thank you all for making 2010 a landmark year for PublicCEO.