Sacramento’s city council recently passed a ‘crash tax.’ Targeting only those who are unfortunate enough to be involved in a traffic accident and reside outside of the city limits, Mayor Kevin Johnson hopes to raise several hundred thousand dollars for the city.

But it is being met with disdain by Sacramento’s neighbors, and now George Skelton from the L.A. Times, too.

The tax isn’t a new idea in California, as nearly 50 cities have already enacted similar taxes. However, not every city has had a positive outcome.

For instance, Sacramento-area city Roseville is considering repealing its crash tax after it failed to perform as hoped. This story was run in the Sacramento Bee and can be viewed here.

From the L.A. Times:

Travel tip: if you’re thinking about driving to Sacramento, don’t. Cancel the hotel reservation. Skip the big convention.

If you’re merely planning to drive through, don’t linger. Better yet, chart a scenic detour that avoids the city.

If you’re flying here, don’t rent a car after landing. Call a cab or take a shuttle.

Our state capital is about to become inhospitable to out-of-town motorists.

Sacramento – River City, The City of Trees, Sacotomato – is the latest local entity in California to adopt the dreaded “crash tax.” More than 50 have imposed it as they struggle to make ends meet.

Read the full article here.
Read the full article here.