Minutes before their meet, Sheriff Baca submitted to Los Angeles County Supervisors his plan for how to manage an influx of parolees, should the Governor’s proposed realignment occur.

The specifics of what the plan entails remains unknown as the letter was not made public. However, it appears that Sheriff Baca intends to call upon all local law enforcement agencies, including Sheriff’s deputies, parole officers, and LAPD to share the responsibility.

Cooridination and cooperation is not guaranteed, and Sheriff Baca has said that if the Supervisors are not on board with the plan, he will not go against their wishes.

From the Los Angeles Daily News:

Los Angeles County’s top lawman Tuesday submitted a proposal for managing parolees if the state shifts that responsibility to local governments.

Sheriff Lee Baca’s plan was contained in one of two letters given to the Board of Supervisors only 15 minutes before their meeting started Tuesday, Supervisor Michael Antonovich said. The other letter was about how sheriff’s deputies might oversee the transfer of low-level state prisoners to county jails.

The letters were not made public.

Antonovich said staffers did not have enough time to review Baca’s suggestions but said he found some “troubling points.”

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