The conversation about the affects of Governor Brown’s proposal continues to rage at all levels of government. But at least one local official seems to be won over.

Sheriff Lee Baca has taken the position that the shift to local control over parolees could be used as a crime prevention and crime fighting tool. But his seeming approval of the idea isn’t comprehensive. He still has some still concerns about prisoner transfers.

And approval on one part of the plan doesn’t mean he wants his hand forced with rapid decisions.

From the Daily News:

Sheriff Lee Baca today suggested that Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to shift some services from state to local governments could be “a crime fighting opportunity.”

The county’s top law-enforcement officer made clear that agreements on funding and liability were key to his department’s ability to take on some of the state’s roles. But he also seemed to surprise some members of the Board of Supervisors with his willingness to consider taking on new responsibilities.

“These criminals are ours,” Baca said. “They begin here and they’re coming back here.” He called the state criminal justice system “broken,” adding “we have an opportunity to fix it.”

Baca said he had more faith in local resources, which he called flexible and innovative, to manage reform, particularly in the area of parolee supervision.

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