The debate over the future of redevelopment has discovered a strong voice, with the launching of the My Vote Counts CA campaign.

A broad coalition of local government, business, labor, community groups and other redevelopment supporters is working to re-engage voters over the next week to stop the State legislature from voting on a budget that raids local government redevelopment funds and violates the state constitution. 

In November, voters approved Proposition 22 by an overwhelming majority, hoping to stop State raids of local funds. Despite this clear voter mandate, legislators could vote on a budget this week that ignores the will of the electorate, takes these important local funds, and blatantly violates Prop. 22.

Governor Brown said during his Inauguration that ‘Without the trust of the people, politics degenerates into mere spectacle; and democracy declines, leaving demagoguery and cynicism to fill the void.’

The “” campaign seeks to remind the Governor of his statement by educating and engaging voters. By signing a petition warning the Governor and legislators not to ignore their recent amendment to the constitution in Prop. 22, voters will demand that Sacramento respect the rule of law.

The “ effort will include:
*Statewide radio ads, which you can listen to here
*Extensive online and Facebook advertising to drive people to the website to sign petitions
*A massive grassroots petition gathering effort by mayors, council members and other local and community leaders over the next week to gather signatures from

“The voters, our ultimate lawmakers, have spoken loud and clear, and they have every right to expect that the constitutional amendments they enact will not undermined by illegal schemes like the budget proposal to take local redevelopment funds,” said Chris McKenzie, executive director, League of California Cities. “You can’t just tell 5.7 million voters ‘your vote doesn’t count.'” 

Continued McKenzie: “The budget vote is likely later this week. We urge legislators and Governor Brown to remember that in showing respect for the rule of law they will strengthen our democracy and preserve the trust of the people-an asset beyond value to any elected official.”

In addition to violating the will of voters who want redevelopment protected, eliminating redevelopment agencies is unconstitutional. The plan before the state legislator violates four provisions of the State Constitution. The League of California Cities has acknowledged local officials will file a lawsuit to stop the proposal if it should be included as part of the budget.

Redevelopment is strongly supported locally by business, labor, affordable housing, environmental, community groups and local officials. Redevelopment creates 304,000 new jobs a year, $40 billion in economic activity statewide and $2 billion in state and local tax revenue. At a time when California’s economic recovery is stagnating compared to the rest of the nation, eliminating redevelopment and its job-creating potential is counterproductive.

The “” campaign can be found online and on Facebook.
For more information and to listen to the radio spot, visit