The steps that PG&E has taken in the six months since its disaster at San Bruno have not been enough to satisfy the California Public Utilities Commission. After an incomplete report, produced by PG&E, was delivered on Tuesday, at least one commissioner is hoping to hit the company with massive fines.

The fines, which would be voted on next week, could be retroactive, and cost the utility company $20,000 per violation, per day. If all of the fines are approved, that will amount to $1 million per day.

The report failed to provide information related to construction, inspection, and maintenance, and at least one commissioner has publicly described the report as evidence of “willful non-compliance.”

From the San Jose Mercury News:

State regulators blasted PG&E on Wednesday for its response to a demand for critical gas-pipeline records, saying the utility engaged in “willful noncompliance” and threatening to level the toughest fines ever against the company for safety-related violations.

The withering criticism, and the potential of a stiff fine of up to $1 million a day, follows a report the utility delivered Tuesday to the California Public Utilities Commission that was supposed to prove that the pressure levels of PG&E’s pipelines were safe in the wake of the San Bruno explosion.

But Paul Clanon, the commission’s executive director, contends PG&E provided none of the requested documents and instead argued that many of its gas-line pressure levels were appropriate because that’s the level it had operated at historically.

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