The California State Association of Counties (CSAC) today came out in strong support of SCA 1X/ACA 2X, the Administration’s constitutional amendment proposal currently being considered by the Legislature for inclusion on the June 2011 ballot.  Governor Brown joined the CSAC Board of Directors for a 90-minute discussion, to urge support.  After a robust discussion, the Board voted 45 – 4 to support the measure.

The amendment, which provides a framework for the proposed realignment of services from the state to counties, provides a dedicated revenue source through 2016-17 for these newly realigned services. The amendment also provides a dedicated level of funding for future years, for as long as counties are tasked with realigned programs. Protections from future state law changes and shared financial risk for federal law changes and court decisions provide mitigations for future financial risks.

“We believe the open dialogue we have shared with the Administration has resulted in a product that provides protections counties need,” stated John Tavaglione, CSAC President and Riverside County Supervisor.  “We stand with the Governor on this approach.  Realignment provides an opportunity to rethink the way government services are provided in this state and counties support the ability of local communities to make decisions that meet their unique needs.”

“We know that an all-cuts scenario will result in a significant shift of costs from the state to counties,” says Paul McIntosh, Executive Director of CSAC. “Without appropriate resources, we cannot continue to manage critical safety net programs and provide for appropriate levels of public safety.  All Californians are at risk under that scenario.”

“The next hurdle is to ensure that Californians have the opportunity to decide for themselves, if they want the taxes extended or to live with the service reductions that must come without them,” Tavaglione said. “County supervisors represent the same constituents and have as many differing political views as State legislators. We are able to come together and build a consensus to move forward.  It’s time for the Legislature to do the same.”

Read their letter of support here.