When John Pomierski resigned as mayor last week, he gave no reasons. However, early Thursday morning, his arrest by FBI agents filled in many of the gaps in how and why his political career came to an end.

Facing charges of bribery and extortion, Pomierski was released on $75,000 bond.

According to the complaints against him, he allegedly demanded tens of thousands of dollars from various businesses in order for their business licenses to be approved. He also asked the Fire Marshall to ignore fire code in buildings.

If convicted on all charges, Pomierski faces 145 years in prison.

From the Los Angeles Times:

A federal grand jury has indicted former Upland Mayor John Pomierski on extortion and bribery charges in an alleged scheme to extort money and campaign contributions from two businesses seeking city permits and other government approvals, officials announced Thursday.

Pomierski, 56, using intermediaries, allegedly demanded $70,000 in payments from the owners of an Upland nightclub and a medical marijuana cooperative to help them obtain the required permits starting in 2007, according to the indictment.

In one case, Pomierski – at the business owner’s request – urged the fire chief not to require fire sprinklers in the establishment, the indictment states.

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