A fourth member of the Tamarac City Commission was placed under arrest last week, after allegations of political wrongdoing turned into an indictment from a grand jury.

Mayor Beth Flansbaum-Talabisco is accused of taking $21,000 from a real estate developer for campaign mailers. Her $21,000 transgression makes hers one of the most expensive votes that the developer allegedly bought.

Three of the other city commissioners have run in with the law since they cast a vote in the developer’s favor in 2006. This means that of the five people who were serving on the board at the time, four have now been removed from the board after trouble with the law.

One accepted $2,300 for a new car and $4,000 for an election party. Another took $30,000.

A third commissioner’s troubles with the law didn’t have as much to do with the developer. He held his daughter, who was Mayor of Broward County, at gun point.

Maybe it’s something in their water or maybe too much sun. One thing is for certain: votes can be bought for awfully cheap in Tamarac.