The Golden Gate Bridge will be turning 75 next year. But with the economy projected to continue struggling, money for a proper birthday party is scarce.

Fortunately, a partnership has emerged between the Golden Gate District and the Golden Gate Natural Parks Conservatory.

Because the Conservatory has its own fundraising operation, no money from the district or tolls will be used to celebrate the iconic bridge’s milestone.

One thing is for sure, between now and then, the Conservatory will be working on innovative ways to mark the anniversary. 

From the Marin Independent Journal:

The Golden Gate Bridge District has found someone to plan its 75th birthday party — for free.

The bridge district board of directors unanimously has approved moving forward in a partnership with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy for the work. The event will take place May 27, 2012.

“We welcome this opportunity,” said Greg Moore, executive director of the conservancy.

The conservancy does its own fundraising, and the district will not pay the nonprofit for its efforts.

No formal plans have been set, but one thing is for sure — there will not be a bridge walk like the one that occurred during the 50th anniversary in 1987. Officials said security is one reason, as well as the overall hassle of dealing with so many people.

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