The State Senate and Assembly’s joint budget committee has voted for a spending plan, bringing forward the possibility of an on-time budget, a June Special Election, and the end of Redevelopment as we know it.

The committee backed a plan that closely resembles Governor Brown’s proposed budget, including the $14 billion in new taxes, and significant cuts to many programs.

The most significant of those cuts was the decision to back the Governor’s plan to eliminate the state’s Redevelopment Agencies. It is a move that would save more than $1.7 billion.

However, proponents of Redevelopment aren’t giving up yet. Promising a legal battle, these supporters say the Governor’s plan is unconstitutional.

From the Los Angeles Times:

State lawmakers on a key budget panel finished crafting a spending plan Thursday that included the complete elimination of the state’s redevelopment program.

The panel’s action sets the stage for a potential vote on both floors of the Legislature next week on a budget plan. The proposal that Democratic legislators adopted over

Republican objections hews closely to the plan Gov. Jerry Brown outlined in January.

Brown, in a written statement, praised lawmakers for making “some bold decisions.”

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