The Los Angeles Unified School District’s often lauded construction program faces shutdown from state regulators due to a lack of inspectors and violating state law.

Renovation and construction projects on multiple campuses have failed to be inspected, and promises of oversight have fallen flat. As a result, state regulators are concerned about the safety and quality of the work that had been performed.

Should oversight not be restored, or should state law continue to be violated, the school district could be forced to repay the state for any funding it received from Sacramento’s coffers.

From the Los Angeles Daily News:

State regulators have given Los Angeles Unified until Friday to provide certified construction inspectors at 14 campuses or face a shutdown of the improvement projects for violating state law.

Certified letters sent March 4 by the Division of the State Architect warn that stop-work orders may be issued if the district misses its deadline for providing inspectors to “competently, adequately and continuously” oversee the construction and renovation projects.

“The LAUSD’s failure to do so may compromise the integrity of the buildings, thereby endangering the public safety,” say the letters from Howard “Chip” Smith, acting state architect.

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