For months, Pacfic Gas and Electric has taken the position that local protests to their SmartMeter technology installation didn’t matter. They would only respond to orders from the California Public Utilities Commission.

Today, the CPUC has acted, and according to the commission’s President, Michael Peevey, they will be asked to create a system allowing the utility’s customers to opt out of the SmartMeters over the next two weeks.

This marks a major step forward for the list of municipalities, counties, and residents who have protested the utility’s unwillingness to respect local wishes or answer questions regarding the longterm implications of the new meters.

From the Associated Press:

California regulators will ask Pacific Gas & Electric Co. to set up a process so its customers can opt out of smart meters if they have concerns about the devices’ potential health effects.

California Public Utilities Commission President Michael Peevey says he will ask the utility to develop the proposal over the next two weeks.

Peevey’s announcement came before dozens of people and advocacy groups testified at Thursday’s commission meeting that exposure to radio frequencies and radiation from the wireless electricity and gas meters was harming people’s health.

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