Last week, PublicCEO recognized some of the great individuals from around California local government. Included in that list was Julio Fuentes, the recipient of the City Official of the Year; Bette Boatmunn, Special District Official of the Year; and Carl Baker, Public Information Officer of the Year.

This week, we will complete our Award Season. As we’ve reported in previous articles, local governments have the most direct impact on the lives of Californians. Through thousands of governments, the most basic and necessary services are delivered in a personal, efficient, and effective manner.

Tomorrow, we will name our Public Works Project of the Year. This award will highlight a major capital improvement that was executed in a timely and cost efficient manner. Our hope is that the project will accentuate best practices that other municipalities can follow as they look towards their own projects. On Wednesday, we will announce the winner of the County Official of the Year. The final award of the season will be announced on Thursday, when we reveal the Elected Official of the Year.

Stay tuned.