The four top public safety officials in Riverside painted their own bleak pictures at the county’s first budget workshop. Between them, they have to cut an estimated $86.3 million from their budgets.

The deepest cuts would come from the Sheriff’s department. The County’s CEO asked that the Sheriff create a budget of $225 million for next year, but he currently has an operating budget of $287 million.

There is some flexibility in the deficits, as questions about Governor Brown’s tax extension could greatly impact the county’s probation department.

From the Press-Enterprise:

Riverside County’s four public-safety departments painted a bleak picture Tuesday of their finances, saying they face significant budget shortfalls for next fiscal year.

The sheriff, district attorney, fire chief and probation chief told county supervisors that overcoming the gaps will require extra funding or steep cuts in services.

The four were the first to take their turns at the county’s annual budget workshops, which will stretch into Thursday, as supervisors weigh how best to balance ongoing expenses with declining revenues.

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