Finger-pointing about Sacramento’s defunct “crash tax” has embroiled the top two administrators in the city. The City Manager and the City Attorney have both been asked to closed-door reviews to analyze how their actions led to the approval of the unpopular tax.

Also being questioned is the decision to grant $37,000 in raises to several department heads, despite the pervasive budget shortfalls.

From the Sacramento Bee:

A political fistfight has erupted at Sacramento City Hall over the performance of the city’s two most powerful constitutional officers.

Both interim City Manager Gus Vina and City Attorney Eileen Teichert have been called into closed-door job reviews prior to next week’s City Council meeting.

Mayor Kevin Johnson requested Teichert’s review after a memo written by Vina surfaced last week alleging Teichert had misled the council during a March 1 discussion over the controversial fire cost recovery program known as the “crash tax.”

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