Every year tens of millions of dollars are spent in California to get candidates elected, but almost no money is spent educating candidates once they take office. Sometimes those that are elected are innovative and effective sometimes they aren’t. Staff of Cities and Special Districts are often faced with the challenges of dealing with newly elected officials.  If you are a City or Special District staff member what advice would you give newly elected officials? Are there specific things newly elected officials need to do to be effective?  Why are some people effective and others are not? Let us know. You can send your ideas and stories to info@tramutola.com.

Larry Tramutola is in the process of writing a second book that is a companion to his first book Sidewalk Strategies, Seven Winning Steps for Candidates. Causes and Communities. In his first book, Larry walked candidates through the process of getting elected. Now, he wants to guide these elected officials towards being good leaders. Larry knows that some of the best advice will come from dedicated staff members who know their City or District inside and out, and have seen elected officials come and go.

Larry is a 40-year veteran of political and community organizing. He is also the founder of TRAMUTOLA which has won over 400 local elections, passed more than $30 billion in community improvements and helped elect over 100 public officials from school board members to Governor.