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The City of San Jose put forth a resolution expressing support to the California Air Resources Board in promoting clean and energy efficient motor vehicles, energy independence, zero emission technology for improved quality of life.

A resolution states that over 90-percent of Californians are faced with public health risks due to particulate matter, pollution and areas that exceed federal health-based ozone levels.

Hundreds of thousands of asthma attacks, hospitalizations and pre mature deaths due to heart and lung disease are attributed to these conditions.

The State of California has been a national leader in advancing cleaner vehicle technologies by developing and implementing motor vehicle regulations under the federal Clean Air Act.

The City of San Jose urges the State of California and the California Air Resources Board to continue its national and international leadership role in reducing greenhouse gases and promoting clean vehicle technologies to protect the health of California’s economy, environment and its people.

The California Air Resources Board planned to develop and adopt new regulations to reduce vehicle emissions of criteria air pollutants and greenhouse gases, and to promote the development and deployment of clean fuel infrastructure and zero emission vehicle technology options for consumers.

The resolution supports strengthening California’s motor vehicle programs as it can improve California’s air quality, promote energy independence, support new jobs and investments in clean technology, help California achieve its goal of reducing global warming emissions, and will continue California’s history of national leadership on air quality and environmental policy.

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