On Monday, Governor Brown signed AB109, which authorized the realignment of prisoners to the counties. However, that bill did not appropriate additional funds to cover the shift.

That leaves at least some sheriffs worried about funding the transition. However, Governor Brown’s signing statement said that he does not intend to move prisoners until a revenue stream has been identified and provided for.

Once the funding issues are settled, then sheriffs will have to overcome a space issue as well. While some counties have been actively reducing jail populations, that doesn’t mean there is yet enough space to actually house all the prisoners. 

From California Watch.com:

Fresno County’s jail has whole floors of empty cells.

When AB 109 takes effect, moving tens of thousands of inmates from state prisons to local facilities, Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims said her office has plenty of bed space to accommodate.

But Mims and California’s other sheriffs do not have cash to feed and secure a huge population of convicted felons.

And the legislation, which Gov. Jerry Brown signed Monday, does not direct dollars toward the prison realignment.

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