Believe it or not, valuable lessons can be learned from some of the nation’s most accomplished political satirists. So when John Oliver, one of the on-camera contributors to the Daily Show with John Stewart, sat down Dennis Kucinich, the possible implications of redistricting became clear in the most amusing light.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich seems an unusual fit for an Ohio Congressman, but despite his leftward leanings in a mostly moderate state, he’s found a comfortably democratic district that has elected him 7 times to the United States Congress. But this year’s redistricting could erase his comfortable margins, or even write his district out of existence. He would go from a 7-time Congressman to a politician without a constituency.

Here in California, we have a non-partisan redistricting commission to handle the drawing of California’s congressional, assembly, and state senate lines, but they won’t address the questions facing cities and counties.

City Commissioners and County Supervisors could face the same predicament as Dennis Kucinich, if the lines are drawn to meet political ends and not based solely on population.

So as you watch this video, try to compare how your sense of humor would fare if you found yourself in the same position as Congressman Kucinich.

Watch the (very funny) video here.