San Jose has decided to add clarity to its medicinal marijuana laws, and in the process sharply decrease the number of dispensaries operating in the city.

During the years of debate over how to best approach new laws to govern the dispensaries, more than 100 opened in the city. Operating either in or just outside of the gray area of the law, that number will be reduced to either 10 (which was approved in a vote by the council) or a revised number of 30.

This would represent a 70 to 90 percent reduction in operating collectives. They also have restricted where these shops could operate, confining them to commercial and industrialized areas only.

From the San Jose Mercury News:

Finally moving to stem the tide of medical marijuana shops in San Jose, a divided City Council on Tuesday tentatively approved sharp limits on where those shops can locate, restricting them largely to certain industrial and commercial zones.

But the council, which has been struggling with the issue for well over a year, didn’t rally behind Mayor Chuck Reed’s effort to shut down more than 90 percent of the city’s marijuana clubs by capping their number at 10.

The end result added only slightly more clarity to a confused situation that has allowed at least 100 medical marijuana establishments to open in San Jose, the largest concentration in Northern California, even though the San Jose Police Department and city attorney insist that none is operating legally under current law. It’s clear San Jose is headed for fewer shops, but how many will be allowed and how the city will decide which ones make the cut, no one can say.

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