Tustin’s mayor is the latest California official to face recall, as a group of citizens intend to serve him with the notice of recall at tonight’s council meeting.

The group believes that the mayor should go because of the firing of the former city manager, for the high legal costs the city is facing, and the behavior shown at city council meetings.

According to the group, the mayor has been using his position to cement himself into the office, creating a municipal monarchy. But the mayor will have 10 days to respond to the recall notice before anything else can happen.

From the Orange County Register:

A group of residents is organizing to recall the mayor, and plan to hand him a written notice at Tuesday night’s council meeting.

Charles Horvath, a 30-year Tustin resident, is leading the charge against Mayor Jerry Amante, who is termed out of office in November 2012.

Horvath said he and other residents are planning to attend Tuesday night’s meeting to serve Amante with the required notice of intention signed by at least 10 registered Tustin voters. Copies of the notice will also be mailed to him, Horvath said.

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