The California Municipal Finance Authority, a joint powers authority specializing in non-taxable bond sales, has donated $57,500 to California non-profits, continuing a commitment that has been at the center of the group’s operation since its founding.

As part of the CMFA’s mission of supporting California’s communities, the CMFA donates 25% of the proceeds from bond sales to its foundation, the California Foundation for Stronger Communities (CFSC).

The donations to the four charities, which ranged from $7,500 to $20,000, brings the total number of charities that have received grants from the CMFA this year 21, and 184 since 2004.

One of the charities that benefitted from the CMFA was Freedom Station. According to the CMFA’s website, they service the needs of the Nation’s wounded warriors, providing temporary lodging facilities, educational guidance, counseling, physical therapy, and career opportunities to our Nation’s wounded and disabled military heroes who are medically retired or discharged and begin the transition from defenders of freedom to productive members of America’s civilian work force.

Their facilities in San Diego house up to twelve inured veterans at a time, and they hope to use the CMFA’s donation to improve the quality of life at their facilities.

“The Freedom Station is designed to be a center for counsel, for care, and a bridge to success in the lives of our injured heroes as they transition into civilian life,” said Sandy Lehmkuhler, the Vice President of Community Relations for the Freedom Station.

As a charity that operates on an annual budget made up of contributions and the help of volunteers, Lehmkuhler says the donation can go a long way.

“Our facility… which will house up to 12 injured warriors, includes spaces for physical therapy/gym equipment, a kitchen, office and study areas,” said materials provided by Lehmkuhler. “Each cottage/apartment will provide a sleeping area, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and furniture along with some quality of life items.”

The donations, which bring the cumulative donations from CMFA to various groups across the state to more than $2.4 million, continued a tradition that stretches back to the founding of the CMFA in 2004.

John Stoecker, Financial Advisor to the CMFA, said the charitable donations were an effective way of doubling the impact of CMFA’s mission to help improve the neighborhoods and communities across California.

“The unique approach of donating our revneues enable us to double our mission impact,” said Stoecker. “First, facilitating the financing of qualified economic and community development projects that provide positive public benefit, and second, supporting through charitable contributions the various community-based, non-profit agencies that touch the lives of California residents.”

Other non-profits that received donations included the Cabrillo Economic Department, Clearwater Residential, and Housing California.