In Cerritos, the city/labor relationship has been better. There’s been an impasse declared, new terms laid out, and now a study to outsource certain hourly jobs and cut employee pensions. And it’s all being done to curb costs to the city.

But the affected union is saying that the plan is illegal and its proposal violated the state’s open meeting laws.

The meeting at which the proposal was floated, lasted until after 2 A.M. forcing labor supporters and U.S. Representative Sanchez to wait for hours before their issue was introduced.

But according to the Mayor, the issue was brought up in the order of the agenda, and that it was being done to save money and protect taxpayers.

From Los Cerritos Newspaper Group:

In a dramatic request, Cerritos City Councilman Bruce Barrows called for a comprehensive study on the feasibility of contracting out dozens of hourly employees, including the elimination of some city employee pension plans.

Barrows is calling his proposal an “effort to trim the cities growing budget problem.”

The veteran city councilman is a strong vocal critic of the Cerritos Employees Association (AFSCME Local 619), and made his study request at the end of Monday’s meeting under city council reports.

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