Two of the League’s Regional Public Affairs Managers were recognized last Saturday with the El Matador Grande Award by the California Contract Cities Association (CCCA). This award is given to about four people each year, including the CCCA past president, for their work with CCCA and for excellence in public service.

Jennifer Quan and Kristine Guerrero were chosen for their work on behalf of all cities, making sure member cities were engaged and involved in campaign efforts for Proposition 22 and the recent fight to save redevelopment agencies from being eliminated, which was proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown in January.

Ken Pulskamp, city manager of Santa Clarita, was also honored with the El Matador Grande Award for his work as the president of the CCCA Manager’s Department and the League’s City Manager’s Department during the city of Bell scandal.

Started in 1970 as an honorary fellowship within CCCA and initiated by the late Bill McCann, former mayor and council member from city of Santa Fe Springs, the El Matador Grande Award honors individuals who have excelled in their chosen professions and contributed to community service and efficient local government. A few members of Congress, state legislators and business representatives, along with select public officials have been honored with the award for their professional contributions and support for contract cities. Prior award recipients include: then Gov. Ronald Reagan, U.S. Reps. Jerry Lewis and Glenn Anderson, Gov. Pete Wilson and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

CCCA past presidents are recognized with the award for having served contract cities for years prior to reaching presidency. By receiving the award, Quan, Guerrero and Pulskamp join the past presidents in receiving lifetime privileges to participate in all of CCCA activities, with the exception of voting rights.