Removing blight in Danville is a priority of the city manager, and to do it, he wants more than $2 million in new taxes.

The increase in property tax would be coupled with $3 million in gas and electric funds and would be used to jumpstart a program to revitalize the city. On the list of projects that city manager Joe King has in mind is increasing code enforcement, as well as planning and procuring and possibly demolishing vacant buildings.

After the first year is over, the taxes would be directed into the general operating account to provide the longterm funding for ongoing efforts. By acting now, and acting boldly, the city can prevent deterioration of the communities and industrial parks that drive investment.

From the American Chronicle:

Danville City Manager Joe King is on a mission to remove blight throughout the city, clean up the River District and increase the number of industrial business properties in the city.

To accomplish his mission, King is asking Danville City Council to approve a comprehensive plan to invest more than $50 million in a blight removal and community improvement program, as well as an economic development land purchase plan, over the next five years.

To jumpstart his proposals, King want to raise $2.2 million in the upcoming fiscal year with a 10-cent property tax increase, or a combination of a smaller property tax increase with increases in other fees and taxes.

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