Not everyone is still in school when they become city managers. But for the new city manager in Seal Beach, Jill Ingram, that was just one of the circumstances that made her rise to a public CEO so particular.

Six months before she took the new job, she was working as an assistant in the city manager’s office. But after the city manager left left to take another job and then his replacement suddenly resigned, she was offered the job and couldn’t turn it down.

Not long after becoming an interim city manager, she won over the community and city council, who promoted her into the role permanently, to keep her from being stolen away. Without being asked for the job, the council voted unanimously in favor. Now, she’s through her first budget season and into the other challenges that face public CEOs: she has programs to run, projects to finalize, a police chief to replace, and running the city.

From the Los Alamitos Patch:

For Seal Beach’s new city manager, Jill Ingram, life has taken some unexpected turns.

It was less than six months ago that she was an assistant to the city manager, steadily earning her master’s degree in public administration. But when City Manager David Carmany took another job and his temporary replacement quit abruptly, city leaders asked Ingram to fill the void as acting city manager.

The timing was less than ideal. Ingram, 45, was mourning the passing of her father, a longtime Seal Beach resident. She was also putting her son through school at University of Southern California while in the final stretch of her own studies in the California State University Long Beach master’s program.

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