Several years of court battles have led to this day.

After passing an ordinance in 2008 banning the use of plastic bags, Manhattan Beach’s City Manager Dave Carmany, Mayor Richard Montgomery, and several attorneys took their case to the Supreme Court in San Francisco Wednesday.

Manhattan Beach’s plastic bag ordinance was overturned after a coalition group filed suit claiming the City had not investigated the environmental impact an increase in paper would cause.

The Manhattan Beach Patch reported that the City lost an appeal in January which prompted a petition to the Supreme Court. The request was granted on April 22, Earth Day.

An attorney for the City stated the court would not have taken the case if they did not have doubts on holding back the ordinance.  Although Carmany claimed, Justice Carol Corrigan was concerned the court was being asked to impose rules on public habits. A decision will be made in the next 90 days.

Legislators have already rejected a bill that would have banned plastic bags throughout the state.

Ruling in favor of the ban forces consumers to reuse their purchased recycled bags or accept paper.  Many cities are in favor of charging for paper.

PublicCEO has reported on the ban of plastic bags, and the opinion of local officials for some time now.

Regardless of the outcome of this case, it is apparent the debate on plastic bags is not going away.

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