Newport Beach did better this year then they thought they would, ending the fiscal year with a $2.2 million surplus. However, that two million doesn’t completely offset the $9.2 million the city needs to cut from next year’s fiscal budget to stay in the black.

It could make some of the tough choices a little easier. Originally, the city manager suggested that the city would need to layoff about 25 employees, and while it isn’t yet clear whether or not this extra money will save those jobs, it certainly gives decision makers alternatives.

The extra money come as a result of steps taken last fiscal year to reduce expenses, while realizing increased tax revenues from sales tax and the transient occupancy tax.

From the Daily Pilot:

The city plans to finish the fiscal year with a $2.2-million budget surplus, and to keep Newport Beach in the black, City Manager Dave Kiff said Monday he needs to trim between $7.5 million and $8 million in expenses.

At a Finance Committee meeting, Kiff and Finance Director Tracy McCraner presented their revised revenue forecast for this year, and proposed cuts for the 2011-12 fiscal year.

In April, Kiff said he wanted to cut $9.2 million, including laying off about 25 employees. It is unclear if fewer employees would now be laid off.

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