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The Prostitution Task Force in the city of Vallejo was established by the Council as requested by Mayor Osby Davis and Councilmember Stephanie Gomes. Members of the task force met in December 2010, and January 2011 to explore solutions to Prostitution in Vallejo.

After council review in April, a report was sent to City Manager Phil Batchelor for response and implementation of recommendations.

View the Council Staff Report, p. 255-261.

Here are some of Batchelor’s recommendations to the Council:

Allow the Solano County Sheriff’s Department to aid in “sting” operations and prisoner transport, while “borrowing” undercover operatives from the Fairfield Police Department in certain operations.

Johns arrested for soliciting prostitutes will have their vehicles impounded and will be charged a substantial fee to re-claim them (The ordinance addressing this will be considered on May 24).

Community patrol volunteers will be allowed to patrol certain areas.

Outreach programs for incarcerated prostitutes will be explored to provide education about opportunities once released from custody.

Two cameras were purchased to be placed in trafficked areas. The city applied for a grant from Target Stores for a third.

Batchelor supports the effort of a media campaign, but would like to explore costs and availability of hiring a professional.

Other suggestions The Prostitution Task Force presented to the Council included, Dear John letters, a John school, and electronic billboards and accompanying website.

Batchelor stated these recommendations depend on the legality and availability of funds within the City. The City Attorney’s Office will address these concerns before they can be implemented.

The public was given notice and unlimited opportunities of each meeting and was given unlimited opportunities to participate, share their thoughts, experiences and suggestions as to possible solutions.

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