More than sixty people showed up at a Temecula City Council meeting to offer their opinion about a homeless shelter being operated at an old church. Currently, the facility isn’t properly permitted as a fulltime shelter, and some of its permits can cost as much as $3,000.

If the center does not shut down, it can face fines as high as $1,000 per day.

Supporters of the homeless and extremely low income shelter offered opinions about how the city could continue to provide the array of services that its impoverished population needs. In addition to housing, which at least one person suggested could be funded from redevelopment money, the center also offers substance abuse counseling and job training.

Should the current facility not be brought up to standards, other options will have to be found.

From the Press Enterprise:

Supporters of an embattled homeless shelter turned out in force Tuesday evening as the Temecula City Council pondered a housing strategy for the homeless and very poor.

The crowd nearly filled the council chambers and many in the audience wore red and white stickers showing that they backed Project TOUCH’s “Life Restoration Shelter.”

City staff asked the council for permission to start work on a plan to provide housing and supportive services for the homeless and those earning 0 to 30 percent of the area’s median income.

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