Faced with disincorporation, the Vernon City Council is moving to reform the city and its operations in a last-ditch effort to save it from elimination.

The council members, some of whom have been serving for the last four decades, represent less than 100 residents in the corporate city, and nearly all of the residents live in properties currently managed by the city and its council. Opponents say that this system creates an environment where the fear of retribution for electoral decisions prevents actual democracy.

The council, responding to the threat to the city, has decided to create an oversight committee to manage the properties, and is also considering reforms like term limits.

But is it too little, too late?

From the Los Angeles Times:

Faced with a strengthening effort to disband the city, Vernon officials on Thursday will consider a sweeping plan that calls for slashing City Hall salaries, creating a commission to oversee city-owned housing and imposing term limits on council members, some of whom have been in office for nearly four decades.

The proposal marks a major reversal for Vernon’s leaders, who have staunchly defended their municipal government – even after a series of corruption charges filed by Los Angeles County prosecutors and recent revelations that a former city administrator earned over $1.6 million in one year.

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