The mayor of Arroyo Grande took issue with a recent grand jury report that called into question a conflict of interest between the South County Wastewater Treatment plant manager and an engineering firm he owns and operates.

For 25 years, the firm has been working under a contract that has gone without full review, re-negotiation, or re-bid.

The mayor defended both the contract and the administrator, saying that the system works, and has worked for two and a half decades, and there is no need to change it now.

From the Cal Coast News:

The mayor of Arroyo Grande blasted a recent grand jury report critical of the South County Sanitation District, calling the conclusions “personally and professionally offensive.” [Tribune]

Tony Ferrara, one of three members of the district governing board, made the comments at the Wednesday night board meeting.

The report, issued June 2, following extensive reporting by CalCoastNews, concluded there is a conflict of interest existing between John Wallace, the administrator of the South County wastewater treatment plant, and his engineering firm.

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