Indictments; plea deals; wire, bank, and mail fraud; money laundering; lying; forgery: one Florida mayor is unlikely to run for office again after the FBI and U.S. Secret Service investigations are complete and the U.S. Attorney finishes his prosecution.

At least this time, the taxpayers weren’t the target of the scams.

But the former Mayor of South Daytona and a former code enforcement official are both facing greater consequences than voters’ angst. That’s because details of their indictments were released, detailing the scope of their alleged malfeasance.

From the Orland Sentinel:

A disbarred lawyer who pleaded guilty to accepting a bribe while working for the city of South Daytona is a target of two other criminal investigations, court documents revealed Monday.

The U.S. Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are looking into whether Jerome “Jerry” Mitchell, 42, of Port Orange, committed mortgage, bank, wire or mail fraud, money laundering, forgery or making false statements to a financial institution, a plea agreement shows.

Those charges may be filed separately and disposed of in a separate plea agreement, papers state. Prosecutors agreed not to charge Mitchell with other crimes they were aware of that related to his work as a code-enforcement special magistrate in South Daytona.

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