A loosely connected grassroots group has formed to end the SMART program, unless the train system does not increase transparency or answer qustions about funding.

The group, which does not describe itself as anti-train, does not feel that voters are getting what they voted for when they approved a new sales tax in 2088. They have asked the Sonoma-Marin Transit district to stop issuing bonds until it identifies where all of the money for the project will come from.

Should their questions not be answered, they have announced that they intend to circulate a petition to cut off funding by repealing the sales tax, or dissolving the district all together.

From The Marin Independent Journal:

A grassroots group that calls itself Repeal SMART plans to bring a measure to voters that could put an end to the financially troubled Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit commuter rail project if the agency doesn’t slow its plans and explain how it will finance the entire project.

The group has sent a letter to SMART officials explaining its concerns and the actions it is considering.

“We have asked them to stop going ahead with bonding until they can show where all the money will come from to build the line,” said Clay Mitchell of Windsor, spokesman for the group, which is getting its word out via Facebook and on its website. “To me it’s madness to go ahead with a project when you don’t know where the money will come from.”

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