Hercules voters didn’t want the last two people to finish their terms, but the question now is whether or not one of the replacements should take their duly elected seat.

The questions arise after revelations that the candidate, Gerard Boulanger, padded his resume of position and credentials that weren’t true. Among the fabricated qualifications were university degrees he never earned and a position on a French city council that he never held.

Even after those stories became public, he still won his seat by a 4-to-1 margin. It’s just a question now of whether or not he feels comfortable serving.

From the Mercury News:

In the wake of Tuesday’s decisive recall of two Hercules city council members, the future of one of the people elected as a replacement remains unsettled.

Gerard Boulanger, elected after voters decided to oust Councilman Donald Kuehne by a factor of 4 to 1, had faced calls by some voters to resign if he won.

Boulanger, the only replacement candidate for Kuehne, admitted shortly before the election that he padded his curriculum vitae with nonexistent university degrees and supposed service on a City Council in his former hometown outside Paris, France.

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