The story of the Hercules City Council recall election became a little weirder Monday, when one candidate to replace a councilman admitted he had embellished, padding his resume.

As it turns out, Gerard Boulanger was never elected to a local or regional government. Nor was it true that he had earned not only one college degree, but continued on to earn an MBA. The issue, he said, was a matter of translation.

In his native France, he had been selected to serve as a “grand elector,” or a position akin to the American Electoral College. The difference, however, is that there are 150,000 grand electors, and they cast votes for the 383-member senate.

What’s more, the work that he did for local governments in the Paris suburb he called home was not an elected position, it was a position with a political party.

Now the heat is off his opponent, the incumbent council member who tore up his recall notice during a televised council meeting.

From the Bay Area News Group:

An election Tuesday that began as a referendum on the performance of two Hercules City Council members has shifted focus to a replacement candidate, after recent mailers questioning his truthfulness culminated in his admission that he embellished his resume.

In a statement emailed to Bay Area News Group over the weekend, Gerard Boulanger admitted he never received a university degree. In an interview Sunday, Boulanger said he was not popularly elected to any local or regional government council or panel in his native France.

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