After a long and wet winter, Inyo county is preparing for the inevitable runoff from melting snow. And without the help of local residents, the enormous amount of water could overwhelm drainage, leading to significant flooding.

That’s why the county has begun engaging the residents, asking them to check their ponds, creeks, and ditches and clear them of any accumulated brush.

The Los Angeles Department of Water Resources is estimating that this year’s runoff will be more than 150% greater than average.

From the Inyo Register:

With a heavy snowpack lingering in the Sierra, residents in Inyo County are being advised to clear their ditches and ponds to prepare for the inevitable influx of water
as summer temperatures begin to creep into the Owens Valley.

According to Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Public Information Officer Chris Plakos, the department is doing its part, with crews working daily to ensure ditches are ready for the runoff.

The LADWP said it is anticipating 619,000 acre-feet of runoff to make its way down from the Sierra this spring and summer. That is 150 percent of the average runoff. To be clear, one acre-foot is 326,000 gallons of water.

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