The end of Vernon has come one step closer, after a key Senate Committee decided to send Speaker Perez’s bill onto the full Senate on a vote of 6-3.

This is the first time that the legislature has moved to dissolve a charter city. Should the bill pass, a special district would take over for the former City of Vernon, and it would be run by Los Angeles County.

To address some of the concerns of the business and labor coaltion that has opposed the bill, Speaker Perez introduced and passed another bill, AB 781, that would set restrictions on new taxes and regulations for the businesses in the city.

Even with the 6-3 approval of the Senate Committee, ultimate approval is far from a done-deal.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Assembly Speaker John Pérez on Wednesday moved another step closer to disbanding the city of Vernon as a key state Senate committee backed his disincorporation bill on a 6-3 vote.

The bill, considered to be the first-ever attempt by the Legislature to dissolve a charter city, now moves to the full Senate, where it could be voted on in the next few weeks. The Assembly has already overwhelmingly approved it.

If signed into law, the measure would eliminate Vernon’s municipal government and replace it with a new special district overseen by Los Angeles County.

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