When the council-elected mayor of La Puente didn’t follow the wishes of the majority; he was booted from his position. The rotating mayoral gavel normally stays with a council member for a year before the council is reorganized and a new mayor is install. This time, the city’s mayor served for barely 3 months.

This is the latest in a string of controversial actions taken in the city. Recently, a part-time human resources professional who was hired by the city to increase efficiency in the staff was escorted from city hall after funding for her project was not extended.

The now ousted mayor will continue serving on the council and advocating for the positions that cost him the gavel.

From the San Gabriel Valley Tribune:

Three members of the City Council ousted the mayor and fired an attorney contracted to deal with the city’s myriad personnel issues at a special meeting Monday.

David Argudo, Vince House and John Solis voted to replace Mayor Dan Holloway with Solis and cut ties with attorney Patty Kinaga’s law firm. The three cited concerns over the cost of Kinaga’s services, though they didn’t have a staff report prepared and didn’t seem sure of how much her firm actually charged.

And Solis was the only nomination for mayor from what he, House and Argudo called the council “majority.”

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